Signs of a Failing Roof

A complete roof replacement is a very demanding and costly house project and even if there is a roofer that can install, replace, or repair your roof with efficient and excellent results, replacing is still a heavier alternative to a failing roof rather than repair.  

By mentioning this, we are implying the dire need to maintain and clean your roof on a regular basis and avoid overlooking some telltale signs of trivial issues that you might be noticing on your roof. Failure to address certain maintenance and cleaning will necessitate costly repairs in the future.  Townsville Roofing companies often come across situations like this with customers – see what their advice is below!


What are the telltale signs that your roof is failing and is need of professional help? Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for: 

1.Missing shingles 

When you notice a balding spot and missing shingles on a certain part of your roof, it is indicative of a failing roof part. When shingles become loose and fall off, that indicates that the whole roof is not as sturdy as before. Take some action and call a professional roofer for an expert-like checkup. 

2.A sagging roof 

This could be a result of various issues: your roof many be weak and deteriorating; it was not installed properly by the initial roofing company; and/or it is supporting too much weight such as ice, snow, etc. Whatever the issues that is, a sagging roof is an indication of a failing roof and that it needs to be replaced, if not completely repaired.  

3.Granules in the gutters 

Shingles’ granules are common only if your roof is just recently installed, as granules are an indication that the shingles are newly produced; otherwise, this could mean that your shingles are now deteriorating as they have already reached their age. This means that they will not be as effective in protecting your house from elements, and it is needed to replace them immediately before accidents could take place. 

4.You experience water damage in the attic 

If you are experiencing some water leakage in any parts of the house especially in the attic, this can be a manifestation of weak shingles. Also, inadequate ventilation results in mildew and mold that could be harmful to those who have respiratory problems and to the whole structure of the house.  

5.Your roof is over 20 years old 

This greatly depends on several factors: the material you used and their quality, how the roof was installed, how it was maintained, and the external elements that it is exposed in. However, as a general rule, if your roof has been standing in the last 20 years, we can safely deduce that it already has some issues on it, although these could be hidden and not so obvious. It is better to call a professional and have a checkup to make sure that the roof is still in good condition  

Other telltale signs: 

  • Energy bill has increased 
  • Flashing is damaged or missing 
  • Loosen nails 
  • Dirty areas on the roof 
  • The shingles are dry, blistering, or curling 

If you notice any of these signs, we recommend that you seek and call a roofer service to avoid further damage to your roof.