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Women owned small business plays a key role in developing the future:

Matt Flannery, CEO of Micro-loan company, see’s the key role small, women owned business plays in shaping a bright and promising future for All Humanity and is a big supporter of Independent Businesses

“We connected with Flannery to discuss how he perceives the current social media landscape, and why it has become so important to his personal mission of empowering entrepreneurship in the developing world.”

Q:The social web seems to be moving us toward a world of micro-communication and micro-communities. Do you see this as a parallel to the success of micro-finance?

A:Yes I do. I was just in New Orleans where our users gave loans to 14 small business entrepreneurs in the 7th and 9th ward — communities that have suffered greatly in the post-Katrina economy. On launch day, I watched the astonishment of these entrepreneurs as they witnessed their loans getting funded. It was hard for them, at first, to understand why people from Sweden to Seattle were reaching out to them with a helping hand. They slowly began to understand they were part of something greater — a global, digital community. I asked one of the women if it felt like pressure to pay them back. She said she wanted to pay back so that she could give an opportunity to another entrepreneur like herself. She wanted to give back. That’s a new twist on an ancient dynamic in the micro-finance movement. It was mutual reciprocity online. It could become a massive village bank. I’m excited. That’s why I do what I do.

~ Read the whole article at mashable

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New Branding Logo Means A Great Deal For You!~

We have a new logo & brand!

After many years of success, and such high accolades about our candles, we have decided to upgrade our brand image. We feel this new chic design perfectly conveys what you, our loyal customers esteem our candles to be.

In honor of this, we are giving away a free 4oz Travel Tin with every purchase of a 12oz Carmen Spa Jar. Your choice of fragrance on the freebie!

Use code NEWS10 and save an additional 10%off your order.

Remember also, we create exclusive Private labeled candles – an ingenious branding strategy. Set your company apart from the competition with Caterpillars Creations Pure Soy Candles. Low-minimums & quick turn around times makes us stand out from the rest – and you will too! Private label candles make great wedding gifts, baby shower grab bag gifts, graduation gifts, the list goes on!

Wishing you a beautiful week, and thank you for sharing our happy news with us!



If you loved Christmas in the Country, Angel Food Cake, or Market Spice Tea, turn your frown upside down, because we have them in stock again! Just in time for the turning of the seasons  =)

For the most current sales & information Visit Us On Facebook (I love personally interacting with all of our wonderful fans)

or browse around the Caterpillars Soy Candles Homepage

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Palm Wax Pillars Discontinued Permanently

After much thought and deliberation, we have discontinued the use of Palm Wax. Although there is a lot of “greenwashing” regarding how palm wax is sustainable and renewable, and if you use palm wax from the roundtable of sustainable palm oil, it is supposidly not harming forests or ecological biodiversity.

I call Bull$hit, sorry if that term offends you, but if it stinks lets call it what it is.  Sure, once AN AREA IS CLEARED IN ORDER TO GROW PALM OIL, it may be “sustainable and renewable” but lets not forget, that the natural forests and jungles had to be cleared in the first place. How is it renewable and sustainable when you virtually wipe out dozens, if not hundreds, of rare, exotic plants and animals? Oh, but you only did it once, so then its ok?

I feel horribly about buying into the propoganda. There are still many Killings of Orangutans for Palm Oil Development.

The (Indonesian) Forestry Department’s conservation director, Toni Soehartono, admitted the practice was widespread but urged understanding of its motivations.

“I’m sure that happens — in order to establish palm oil land companies clear forests, which causes the death of fauna such as orang-utans and gibbons in Kalimantan, and elephants, tigers and others, including orang-utans, in Sumatra,” Dr Soehartono said.
“But all development requires sacrifice — we just have to make it equal to some extent.”

That in itself is enough to make my stomach turn, but then add:

*  Rainforest destruction is still out of control. (This year Indonesia will be included in the Guinness Book of Records as the country which pursues the highest annual rate of deforestation. Currently an area of forest equal to 300 soccer fields is being destroyed every hour in the country) EVERY HOUR!

* Fires are burning across Borneo and Sumatra, fueling global warming (Indonesia is the third highest carbon emitter due to peatland fires.) {editors note: its my opinion that global warming is a “greenwashing” item in itself, but I leave this in here, as fires burning incessantly definitely contribute to air pollution}

* Both orangutan species are within 20 years of extinction in the wild (killed daily in palm oil plantations)

* Social conflict and human-rights’ abuses are commonly associated with oil palm expansion more – who usually suffer’s most in this scenario? Women and children.

* Severe environmental pollution is associated with palm oil processing


In light of all this, I have removed palm oil from our catalog and product line, and will not carry it again. We are researching an alternative for pillars, and will post about it when we come up with a suitable replacement.  Thank you for your understanding!


..information sourced from

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Temporarily Closed While We Relocate

We’re moving!! This change is long overdue – instead of having two facility’s, we will now have one.

This last year has been exceptionally difficult for me personally, I got divorced, am now a single mom of 4, but more importantly, I lost my dad and business partner to the devastating and cruel disease of MS (multiple sclerosis). It’s been a very difficult transition not having his insight and business know-how, and mainly just not having his companionship. His presence has been pivotal throughout this journey of sculpting Caterpillars into the business it now is. Consequently, I’ve decided to move closer to my family, and to our second location, which will become our first/only candleshop.  I have a new business plan and feel confident that good things are in store for Caterpillars in 2010!!

We are currently closed and not accepting any new orders.  All orders that have been placed are being processed and we hope to have them all shipped by Monday January 11th.  We will re-open on or around January 20th.

Thank you for your patience and for your business! We wouldn’t be where we are without our great and loyal customers!

Also, we currently have no way to access our voicemail so if you need to reach us, or have been trying, please send email to sales {at} caterpillars candles [dot] com.



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When Good Candles Turn Bad

Every once in a while we get a batch of Palm Wax in  that just doesn’t have enough Stearic in it to make it release from the mold.  It is a very frustrating experience to have all of your Pillars glued into the mold like a sea urchin clinging to a rock.  It’s just not gonna budge.  Here’s my parody.


This pillar thinks it has all the power…ouch!



Oh yea, take that! You gonna mess with me?



Ha ha ha! (said in an evil dr. Jekyll laugh)

Run, baby run!


Really, in all seriousness, I hate when this happens. Totally such a PAIN!! Now we have to spend hours chipping and heating these things out of the molds.  Dozens of them… UGH! I had to make it a little comical or I’d probably lose my mind.

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Sustainable Homes

My dream home is a dome home.. I just love how energy efficient they are, the curves inside, the light reflections..and they are affordable! I thought that was what I wanted…until now.  Watch the video’s below about earthships..they are pretty amazing! If communities all across this great nation and around the world would build these types of homes, think about the positive impact that would have on our environment!!

From: Peace & Freedom Are Achieved Through Understanding

Crafted by:
Peace & Freedom Are Achieved Through Understanding

Angel’s Nest

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January Giveaway – New Spa Carmen Jar, 8oz

Enter below to win a new Carmen Jar in your choice of fragrance! The winner was Gloria Turner. Congatulations!

8oz Carmen Jar

1. To enter, comment on this post about why you would like to win this new jar in a few sentences or less. If you include a link on your blog about this contest or include it on your facebook, twitter or other networking site, you may enter as many as five times. Please include the link.

2. You must fill out your full name and email address in the comment section (your email will not be published and will not be used for any purpose other than this contest unless you opt-in to receive our newsletter).

3. United States residents only.

4. Winner Will be announced February 1st around Noon pst.

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